Life In Yoga Pants

Life In Yoga Pants

Last week I finally had to throw away a pair of yoga pants I had for almost 10 years.

Why is this noteworthy? A pair of $18 yoga pants from Old Navy almost a decade old?  Geez girl – melodramatic much?

Okay – hang in there with me on this one.

Unlike regular, less comfy clothes that go in and out of fashion, black yoga pants just don’t go out of style or even out of season. For many of us, these pants are a constant part of our lives.


Those yoga pants were with me during at least three serious relationships. Happy romantic times.   Angry fighting times.   Those yoga pants were with me when I was crying and eating my way through the subsequent breakups.   They were with me when I got off the couch, got over myself and got happy again.


Those yoga pants were with me when I was working out and being healthy. They were with me when I was eating pizza, red velvet cake and tossing back margaritas all weekend.


They were with me through the good and bad – be it men, tattoos, men with tattoos, hair, dates, purchases, decisions or friends.   The number of Sudoku puzzles alone would boggle the mind. Don’t even get me started on how many seasons of Real Housewives they endured. Holidays. Movie Nights. Football games.  Snowpocalypse and other force majeure.

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Travel: An American Girl in Paris

After London, it was on to Paris!

We all grow up hearing about and dreaming of seeing the infamous sights of “City of Lights,” and on that count, Paris does not disappoint.

Just a relatively short two-hour trip in The Chunnel from London, and we arrived to the stunningly overcast skies of Paris and maneuvered our way out of the train station – which took some doing.  Two things I immediately noticed, Paris is surprisingly small compared to London, and there is A LOT of graffiti, even on a few statues.  As we got closer to the hotel, Hotel Concorde Montparnasse, the scenery got markedly more “Parisian”.

The first excursion of the day was, in my opinion, PERFECT.  A late afternoon cruise on The Seine.

The Seine - Paris, France

Cruising on The Seine

I know most people would prefer this to be a bright and sunny photo, but I’ve always been fascinated by beauty of a slightly ominous sky.  As Eddie Rabbit sang, I love a rainy night. [Look it up.]

As the overcast evening soon gave way to night, the illuminated Eiffel Tower was resplendent (triple word score/SAT vocab).

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

The Eiffel Tower at Night

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Swings, Squats and Bells



This weekend I attended the StrongFirst SFG Level I kettlebell instructor certification in San Diego, CA.

It sounds so simple when I write it out like that, but it was so much more.

StrongFirst is the premiere organization in the world of kettlebell training, and the SFG (StrongFirst Girya) certification is the most prestigious and difficult to obtain.  Over three days, the master and senior instructors and the assistants put us through a rigorous training program not just to test our skills, but to improve them.  While the intended objective was to obtain a certification, the real objective in hindsight was to help all of us become stronger and more technically competent in our kettlebell practice.  The focus was on the journey, not just the goal of getting a certification, and it was clear that this weekend was just the beginning of that journey.

Kettlebell SFG

StrongFirst SFG Level I

As I write this, I’m debating going through the weekend day by day and swing by swing, but I don’t think that level of detail is necessary.  It was a grueling three days – no other way to describe it. We worked on every aspect of the skills: swings, squats, cleans, presses, snatches and get-ups.  From technique to correctives to drills and form – you name it, we did it and you can read about the detail requirements of the certifcation here.  No big mystery here, the physical requirements and demands were tough. However, in addition to all of that, what I walked away with was so much more.

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No Regrets


Still traveling back today from the awesome kettlebell certification (more on that to come) – but wanted to share some inspiration this morning to start off the week. The words in the above passage from Paulo Coelho left me with the following singular conclusion:

Don’t let fear of failure stop you from trying, changing, loving or living.

No regrets indeed!