StrongFirst Kettlebell Certification Weekend

Kettlebell Tattoo

Me and My Kettlebell

This weekend I will be attending my Strongfirst kettlebell certification.  3 days of instruction and training.  I’m not ready for everything, but I’m going to do my best with the training I have put in and work as hard as possible.

I am focused on the positive and learning as much about training, technique and form as I can absorb.  It will be tough, but I know it will be worth it.

I’ll update when I can, but follow me on Instagram and Twitter for the latest!



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Travel: An American Girl in London 2014

Westminster Abbey, London

Westminster Abbey

In May, I took an amazing trip to London.  This was my second time being there, but my last visit was almost 15 years ago and part of a work trip.   I was excited to go back and experience it again.  I fell in love with London the first time, and this trip made that love even stronger.

Tower Bridge, London

Me in front of Tower Bridge

I would move to London tomorrow.  Seriously.

Here are my trip highlights and you can see the full photo gallery below.

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When Did “Thigh Gaps” Happen?

Thigh Gaps Fitness Strenth Health

No seriously, when?

Growing up in the South, a black woman in the South especially, I was raised that being so skinny that there was a gap in between your legs was considered ‘nasty little.”  A sure sign of being sickly or in a bad home environment.  Now yes, that’s a bit of a harsh judgement, but that’s the South for you sometimes.  Snarky back porch gossip aside, having a “thigh gap” was nothing I was raised to aspire to in any shape or fashion.

Then suddenly the past few years, I have slowly watched the “thigh gap” become a goal to be attained.  Wha-huh?  What exactly does having a space between your thighs have to do with your health and level of fitness?


Having a “thigh gap” is primarily a function of your skeletal structure.  If you have wide hips, you most likely are going to have some amount of visible gap in  between your thighs, even if you carry some extra weight on you.  If you have narrow hips, well chances are you will never have a gap unless you reach a ridiculously low (and dangerous) body weight.

Depending on your body type, you could spend the rest of your life in pursuit of the infamous “thigh gap” to no avail.  Your body is your body.  Figure out the best way to show it off –  be happy and revel in it.

Even at my thinnest, I never had a thigh gap because that isn’t how my body is structured, and I’ve always had fairly defined legs.  My thighs just aren’t going to have a gap, and that is not my goal.

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Trading In My Type A Personality for a “Be”

Type A Personality

I was that kid in school.  I did my book reports the first weekend I got them.  I slept in a watch.  My folders were all neatly aligned and color-coded.  My class notes were meticulous, even in my stone-age equivalent handwriting.  I would re-write them if they weren’t neat.  I kept all my shoes neatly stacked in their original shoe boxes.  I typed up my Christmas lists (also color coded).

Yeah, I have Type A hardwired in me.  It’s no wonder I spent the last twenty years obsessed with spreadsheets, contract negotiations and conference rooms.  I’m not knocking it [in case I end up back there one day - Ha!].  There are some wonderful things about being Type A.  Driven.  Achiever.  Hard-worker.  An all-around “gets things done” kind of person.  Yep – that’s me!  What’s wrong with that?


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Monday Motivation: Be Kind To The Person You Are Today

self respect, love,future,strength, vision, courage

Be kind to the person you are today.

This very moment.

Be supportive and loving of this person who may be afraid, grieving, carrying a few extra pounds, stuck in a frustrating job, or struggling in a bad relationship.

Do not pity her or consider her weak and undisciplined.

Instead, be kind and remember to think of her that day in the future when you see an old photograph, give away those old clothes that are too big for you, start your new job, or start your new life.

Stop for a moment and thank her.  Thank her for working so hard.  For not giving up.  For not listening to people who told her “No.”

For believing in you enough to keep trying.

She may have the hardest job of all.

Be kind to the person you are today.

She is the one with the vision and strength to create your future.



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