Full Moon

Full Moon

Tonight we will see the last full moon before the Winter Solstice known as the “Mourning Moon.”  It represents a time to let go of old baggage/obstacles and embrace change.

Free yourself fro anything that is holding you back and look toward the wonderful new things that are to come.  Believe in yourself and your future!

Fitness Myths “Experts” Tell Women About Working Out

Women's Fitness Myths

I’m figuratively fed up.

I often come across articles that are just flat-out wrong about fitness, especially as it relates to women.  I’m no infallible guru, and I may be caught up in my feelings of indignation, but it seems often that so-called ‘experts” (both men AND women) feed into all the fears and stereotypes women have about being physically fit.

The only way to combat ignorance is by bringing it to light. and with that in mind, here are two of my fitness trigger topics.

Strength Training Makes You Bulky and Manly – This one I feel is the most common and possibly the most detrimental.  The idea that building muscle and getting physically stronger is not “ladylike” is a myth.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more fit/toned your body looks.  Also, the idea that if women do start weight training, we should be relegated to the brightly colored dumbbells and 4lb kettlebells in the corner is also untrue.  Do not be afraid to push yourself to lift heavy (whatever heavy is for you personally)-you won’t magically morph into Mr. Olympia because you can deadlift your own bodyweight.  Continue Reading


I came across this message recently, and it has struck me in a profound way.  I’m in the process of designing my own life right now, and envisioning what I truly want it to look like both short-term and for the long haul.  It is a frightening process that is taking a lot of digging, honesty, addressing personal fears and assessing the reality of lifelong perceived limitations.   Continue Reading

Walk of Shame: How to Bounce Back From Bad Food Choices

How To Bounce Back From Overeating

It happens to everyone at one point or another.  That one meal, one day or one week where you say, “Screw this.  Gimme that pizza.”

So now it’s the morning after and you’re groggy, sluggish and a little unsure of just how bad things really got because you’re afraid to run the numbers on the calories, carbs, sugar and salt consumption.  You had to make the food equivalent of the walk of shame back to healthy eating.  The damage is done, so no need crying over spilled cheese and margaritas.  Now is the time to get back on track.

But how do you do that?

Forgive: Give yourself a break.  No one eats healthy 100% of the time indefinitely.  You made a mistake.  Forgive yourself and start over.  There is no absolution in continuing to beat yourself up about it.

Avoid:  Stay off the scale.  It takes 3500 calories to gain one pound.  One bad meal won’t cause you to truly gain a pound, but it may cause you to bloat.  Water retention can make a relatively small misstep seem much more impactful, so avoid weighing yourself for a few days while you reset your body.

Continue Reading

Spin Battle: Flywheel vs. SoulCycle

Flywheel vs SoulCycle:  Which Spin Class is right for you?

During a recent trip to New York, one of my goals was to check out a SoulCycle spin class [cuz I’m a spin nerd like that]. SoulCycle hasn’t expanded South yet, so I figured this may be my only chance to experience it at the moment. I love the spin classes at my Lifetime gym, but I also enjoy trying the new “boutique” spin classes when I have a chance. I dabble with Flywheel since there are locations in my area, and I tried Aqua Cycle during my last trip to NYC, so now it was time to add SoulCycle to the list.

Ultimately, it’s all spin class. We get on bikes and spin for 45 minutes to an hour – no big mystery there. But as my fellow spinrats can attest, the experience itself can be very different depending on the instructor, music and philosophy of the gym/studio. As the latest boutique spin studios go, Flywheel and SoulCycle are the two juggernauts at the moment, so here is my breakdown of how the two size up to each other. Continue Reading